Herding email address:  herding@lccoc.org


    Tracking email address:  tracking@lccoc.org


    Lure Coursing email address: lurecoursing@lccoc.org

    Pet Therapy email address:  pettherapy@lccoc.org

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    AKC Title Descriptions


    LCCOC sponsors an AKC herding test annually.  There are no formal classes; however, members schedule times to train their 

     dogs.  The AKC currently offers five herding titles.  Please see the AKC herding link above for further information.

    For more information on herding, please send an email to herding@lccoc.org


    LCCOC sponsors an AKC tracking test usually in March of most years.  Members schedule time to train their dogs.  There are four 

    AKC tracking titles and more information can be found on the AKC website using the appropriate link above under "Useful 


    For more information on tracking, please send an email to tracking@lccoc.org




    As with herding and tracking, members coordinate times to train their dogs.  Although LCCOC does not host a trial, there are 

    nearby clubs who host these AKC events where titles can be earned.  This event is primarily for sight hounds, such as Greyhounds.

    Please send an email to lurecoursing@lccoc.org for more information on lure coursing.


    The LCCOC Pet Therapy Program has been in place for more than 18 years with highly-qualified trainers.  Persons in elder and 

    hospital care facilities respond very favorably to pet therapy, enhancing their quality of life and inspiring dog owners to share their     pet's love with others. Currently, LCCOC volunteers visit several different locations each month. Most visits are scheduled for 

    Saturdays but occasionally visits are made during the week or upon request.  

    Please read our handout on pet therapy under "Useful Information" above or send an email to pettherapy@lccoc.org.



    Where can I take herding lessons?

    There are several locations within an hour of Baton Rouge where you can take herding. Please contact the herding contact 

    person for a complete list.


    What is the first herding title that I can try for?
    Herding Instinct


​    When is the LCCOC Herding Trial Held?

    Typically in March.  It is a two-day trial.

    What is the difference between a Herding Trial and a Herding Test?

    Herding Tests include the Instinct Test (HI), the Herding Test (HT) and the Pre-Trial Test (PT). All of these levels are prior to the 

    test level and require that you are tested under two different judges. The Herding Trial levels are Started, Intermediate, and 

    Advanced. Trial levels require that your dog receive a passing score from three different judges. Herding Tests may be given on 

    various types of stock such as ducks, sheep, or cattle.

    Does my dog have to have an AKC Registration to herd?
    No, not to herd, but your dog must be registered with the AKC to compete in an AKC Herding Trial or Test


    Does my dog have to herd sheep?

    No, dogs may herd many different types of stock including sheep, cattle, ducks, goats, turkeys, geese, etc.

    In Herding competition, what is a leg? 
    A leg is one qualifying score under an official judge at an official AKC Herding Trial. 

    How many legs does my dog need for a Herding Title?

    It depends on which title you are trying to obtain. For Test level it is two legs. For Trial levels it is three legs.

    Can any dog compete in an AKC Herding Test or Trial?

    No, only dogs that are on the official AKC list of eligible breeds may compete.


    Does my dog have to take lessons to take the Herding Instinct Test?
    No, your dog does not need to have prior experience with herding to be tested for instinct.


    How do I get an official AKC Herding Instinct Certificate?

    Your dog needs to show sustained interest in stock under the supervision of two different AKC Herding judges at an official AKC 

    Herding Test.


    Can I enter the Herding Instinct Test the day of the test?

    Yes, if the Test/Trial is not full you may enter the day of the test.

    Do I have to show my dog at AKC herding events?
    No, there are other organizations that hold herding trails. For example, the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA) and

    the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)


    Does LCCOC hold a tracking trial?

    Yes, in March.

    Are all dogs eligible to enter the LCCOC Tracking Trial?

    The tracking trial is an AKC event so dogs must be registered with the AKC to enter.

    Does LCCOC offer tracking classes?

    About once a year, members of LCCOC get together to practice tracking with their dogs. One member of the club is an AKC     

    Tracking judge and is willing to give classes if enough people are interested

    Can any dog track?
    Yes. Some breeds are more suited to tracking or have more specific tracking instincts, but any dog can track.

  Pet Therapy

    What is a TDI?

    Therapy Dog International certification

    Do I have to have a TDI title to do Pet Therapy with LCCOC?

    No, but it is highly recommended. Having passed the CGC and/or the TDI gives you and other pet therapy dog owners the   

    confidence that your dog can behave in difficult situations.

    When are the CGC and the TDI Tests given?

    Usually around October


     How often do LCCOC teams do Pet Therapy?

     We currently visit nine locations a month mostly on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Qualifications: Open to all dogs with 

     proof of vaccinations who have completed beginner training.  Dogs and owners coming from other programs will be assessed by

     the instructor.

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